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-Koa-Male-Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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-Koa-Male-Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Post by Koa on Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:23 pm

-Prefers Males and Females-
-Greater- Swiss Mountain Dog-
-Two Years and Three Months-

Koa was born in Hawaii, but his parents were from Switzerland. He was born with his two brothers, Makwa and Chai. When he was about four months he was sold to a family, and then moved to Canada. He lived in Ontario for a month, but was then sent to live in a village tribe in Nunavut. He began to train as a draft dog, pulling small loads of chopped wood that his master cut down. He stayed with the tribe for two years until his master died. After that, he made his way by foot back down to Ontario, where he crossed into the U.S and into Maine.

Fur colors-Black base pelt, white chest, belly, tail tip, and nose. White paws with speckles of brown. Brown legs and brown around the face. Two brown dots above eyes.
Fur length-Short
Other?(scars)-Thin scar across muzzle, three scars on back of hind leg. All scars are from a fight with a raccoon.

Calm, loyal, gentle, mellow

Mother- Yuma

Father- Nokosi

Siblings- Miwak(male, right), Chai(male, left)

Mate- None
Crush- None
Pups- None

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