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Buck - Male - Sib. Husky/Eur. Wolf

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Buck - Male - Sib. Husky/Eur. Wolf

Post by Buck on Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:20 pm

Siberian Husky/Eurasian Wolf
Four Years, Nine Months

Buck was born in North-Eastern Russia, living there for most of his life. He lived with his two parents, and whatever siblings he had for a couple months, but as soon as they were able to be given away, they were all sold. He was sold first, as he was the biggest of the litter, and went to a nice home. He was primarily pulling a dog sled, but it wasn't often. This home gave him the scarf he has, which he refuses to get rid of. He eventually got sold again, not entirely knowing why, (His owner passed away, primarily pneumonia and other sicknesses caused by severe cold temperatures.) and ended up here, in Maine. He's still getting used to the difference in climate here, but seems to be enjoying it, as he's been given free range to roam the nearby areas.

Fur colors;
Red-brown coat with darker flecks across his shoulders, neck, ears, and tail along with other places and white underbelly, chest, and muzzle, along with bits of white on tail.
Fur length;
Varies on seasons, during the Summer its short, but in the winter it is really long.
Red Plaid Scarf around his neck
110 lbs
27in at the shoulder

This is primarily for me, but its a drawn out reference for whoever wants it.

Forthright, Solitary, Active, Tense, Blunt

Sammy, 100% Siberian Husky
Charlie, 50% Siberian Husky 50% Eurasian Wolf
4 Siblings of Unknown Gender, all 75% Siberian Husky, 25% Eurasian Wolf

Extra Info

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Re: Buck - Male - Sib. Husky/Eur. Wolf

Post by Beleza Negro on Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:25 pm

Accepted! after you get a profile picture, you may roleplay in a area of your choice
Beleza Negro

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