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Post by Beleza Negro on Sun Dec 25, 2016 11:37 pm

By making an account, it will be assumed you've accepted all these rules.

Important Note; Admins usernames on the forum are a grayish baby blue, and in the chatbox they have a "@" sign in front of their name.

Helpful hint;
If it says that you can't post until you have been a member for 7 days, Or sometimes it only does this when you try to edit a post, Please send the bio to me or another admin in a private message. They will then approve it (or tell you to change something), so you can start roleplaying, then in 7 days you can post your bio or edit your bio. This isn't something I can help it's just the site being odd.

1. Your Username Must Be Your Character Name.
Whatever you would like your characters name to be in the roleplay, It must be your username. If it says your name was taken when signing up (which sometimes it does even if it wasn't taken), put something random and message us asking how to change your username. If the name is already taken by a member, add a number or choose a new name (such as "Bella" is taken, so you can be "Bella1" or a new name of your choice.)
Also; Please don't change your characters name or username after your bio was accepted, especially if you already started the roleplay.

2. Your Profile Picture Must Be Of Your Character.

Your profile picture must be a real picture of your dog breed(s), if your dog is a mix, it should be a mix of those same breeds, or just look like one of them, whatever one your character looks like. If you have realistic pictures of your character in your bio, it may be a painting or drawing for your profile picture.

3. Be Active.
If you have not been on for 10 days, you will be banned. You can avoid this by posting a reply in the "Absent" topic. Note; Posting in the absents will not save you if you're gone for 5+ months. You must post in the area's to roleplay 2 times a week unless posting in the absence. Please don't spam the absence by posting there when you'll be gone for 3 days, as for you can still post a roleplay 2 times that week.

4. No Power Playing.
You may not speak for another characters actions, example "I push Lily to the ground, pinning her. She tries to run but I attack her" What if Lily didn't try to run? You may also not kill another character without their permission. (you may request permission over a private message, but I suggest screenshotting that you got permission so they don't delete their message and try to get you banned)

5. You Must Post Your Bio Within A Week Of Joining.
Posting in the absents well not avoid this. If you will be away, Wait to join, or do it the second you join and make sure an admin approves it. If you have a special reason, then private message me or another mod/admin.

6. You Must Post In The Rp Area At Least 2 Times A Week.
The only way to avoid this is posting in the absents, or one of the main player involved in your roleplay being away. If no one seems to be posting in that area, edit in a new paragraph and it'll count as a new post.

7. No Paragraphs In Roleplays.
The only reason you should have a paragraph is the reason I started in rule #6, which is if no ones posting and you need to get your second post in, read rule #6 for more information.

8. Swearing.

You may swear as much as you want in the chat box, as long as it is not directed to another player. If you are joking with the player, make sure they know you're joking. You may swear in the roleplays. But, if you swear in the roleplays please don't go overboard. You may have 0-10 swears in 5 full-size posts.

9. Good Sized Roleplay Posts.
You must have a 3 and a half line post, no smaller. Please, don't make the font larger so it well fit. The largest we'll accept is about 40 lines. When I say 3 and a half lines and 40 lines, I mean after you post it, not before, and on a laptop or computer, not a mobile device (yes, it's different.)

10. Obey.
You must obey all admins and moderators. If what they are saying seems fishy, send me or a trusted admin that seems to know the rules a pm. Send the mod/admin a pm saying "Admin/Moderator ________ said this is a rule, ________ do I have to follow it?" If it is something clearly stated in the rules, I won't promise an answer.

11. No More Than 4 Characters (aside from yourself) You Are Speaking For.
If you have a sibling, you will be speaking for, That's perfectly OK. Please, have no more than 4. I don't want it to be too confusing for others. Example; if your main character has a mate and sibling that they'll be roleplaying for as well, that's alright, but no more than 4 people being spoken for.

12. Use Correct Punctuation.
Please don't go "He walks down the creek side.... taking long strides...." or "He walks down the creek side. taking long strides" etc. The correct punctuation would be "He walks down the creek side, Taking long strides." (If you have a problem with punctuation, just pm me explaining it! We're very accepting and will help.)

13. Correct Punctuation.
Please read over your post before sending, and preview it as well to double check it. I well pm you if I see any spelling error. If this is a common mistake for you I well add it as a warning (This only applies if you were typing too fast and you were too careless to look it over, If you have a spelling disability such as dyslexia just tell me!)

14. Cyber Bullying.
Cyber bullying will instantly give you 3 warnings if we have proof because we don't want anyone to commit suicide, which should be pretty obvious! Along with this, respect all opinions. Don't try to say someone's wrong when its an opinion, not fact.

15. No Mating Roleplay.
Your character may become pregnant, but please don't explain how it happens, For more detail on what you can and can't do, Message me.

16. No 'Hard' Words.
By this I mean to keep it simple, don't use "ribbon" "hackles" etc, as for this is a site for people of all levels. You may use those words, as long it's very clear what it means in context.

If you have a problem with any of these rules or want to suggest a change/new rule, feel free to private message me.

I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. There's no in between.
People will either love you for it or hate you for it.

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Re: Rules

Post by Beleza Negro on Sat Jan 21, 2017 3:40 pm

Notice- I've recently gone over the rules and made them easier to understand! None of the rules have changed, but I suggest re-reading them as for you may not have understood before and didn't even know it.
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