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Clay River

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Clay River

Post by Beleza Negro on Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:45 am

The clay river rarely has humans, but when it does its often a few people coming for a drink and to swim. Swimming here could be dangerous because just when you think you can touch the bottom, the clay could trap your foot. Animals are here often, as for its one of the easiest water sources.
Animals found here include; Bobcat, Canadian Lynx, Coyotes, Bears, Wolves, Dogs, Moose, Whitetail deer, and raccoons.

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Re: Clay River

Post by Buck on Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:02 pm

Buck wandered long the road, reaching the bridge above the river. He jumped up, putting his front paws on the edge of the railing, looking down at the river below. He licked his lips, contemplating heading down, before backing up and heading towards the other side of the bridge. He took a sharp right, heading a ways down the side of the hill, before heading down towards the river. He looked around the river, making sure there was nothing to threaten him for the time being, before padding out onto a rock, and lapping at the water flowing around the rock. He pulled away, watching the water, curious to if any fish were found in the river. After watching for a bit, he turned around, jumping back onto the bank and walking under the bridge, and sitting down, letting the wind ruffle his fur.

1/29/17 (Second post)

He eventually laid down, staring at the water curiously. He swore he could see something moving. He stuck his nose as close to the water on the bank as possible, looking at it closely. All of a sudden, a small frog hopped out, landing on his head. He jumped up, obviously spooked by the small green creature. The frog quickly jumped back into the water, probably regretting its decision to jump on Buck, as it had scared itself too. Buck shook his head, quickly moving away from the bank, standing awkwardly on the side of the hill.

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