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Farms River

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Farms River

Post by Beleza Negro on Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:42 am

Humans are often found here, not swimming, but fishing or farming. Of course, in winter the farm is closed, but people still ice fish in the winter. The river parts two ways and has an island in the middle, which is rather hard to get to in the summer because of the current going towards the small waterfall on the left side of the island. In winter deer, bear, and caribou go to the island in search of a resting spot. Dead deer are often there, preserved perfectly from the cold and edible, while bear sometimes get stuck there once hibernation is over and the ice is melted, as for the water is still too cold.
Animals found here; Beaver, Small rodents, Black bear, Brown bear, Raccoon, Caribou, Whitetail deer, Farm dogs, Moose, and bees (from beekeeping)

Area Picture Was Taken; Caribou, Maine

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